Omega is a concept for a science and technology magazine which focuses on future technologies that are either being predicted or are currently in the works. I always liked looking at the Atomic Age publications of the 50's and 60's that were focused on "The World of Tomorrow" and wanted to mirror that with my magazine, although more grounded in reality and less fantastical.
Omega Magazine Cover

The feature article is about new advancements in the world of human bionics. I decided on a blueprint theme throughout the article to represent the 'creation' of a new breed of human. The images were created through illustrations, photo manipulations, or a combination of both.

Bionics Spread 1
Bionics Spread 2

This two page spread is about the news of the CERN experiment which was initially thought to have broken the speed of light, though it was shortly thereafter confirmed to have been the result of a faulty wire. The pun in the headline and the disapproving look on my Einstein illustration allude to the fact that some corners of the internet refuse to let this long-debunked rumor die.
CERN Spread